Church Council

The Church Council provides leadership and direction for Summer Memorial. Three representatives are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting in October for a three-year term. One third of the terms expires each year. The Conregational Council oversees the major committee teams Congrgational Care, Faith Formation, Community Compassion, Inspiring Worship and all financial decisions..

Council members for the 2019 term include: Wanda Amick, Norma Price, Ken Roehers, Harold Hunter, Gretchen McGee, Khristie Metts, David Pursey, Thad Werts, Bridget Stafford.

Officers for 2018:

President - Norma Price

Vice-President - Harold Hunter

Secretary - Bridget Stafford

Treasurer - Betty Franklin

In January of each year, the Council attend a Council Retreat to meditate, plan and learn, and enjoy fellowship.