Outreach-Social Ministries

The highest priority of Summer Memorial Lutheran is to reach people in our community who need to be welcomed into the body of Christ--whether seekers or unchurched, whether believers or those of little or no faith, whether active or inactive  members of Summer Lutheran.  To this end each church member is empowered for missions of the church


....to effect a transformation that will make THE difference in the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual lives of the people in the Newberry Area....our Mission


This is the second component of the Vision Statement for Summer Memorial Lutheran Church and also represents the objective of the church's Outeach Ministries. Simply stated, these ministries, with the involvement of the congregation, reaches out to develop and implement projects that help meet the biblical mandate to 'feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and heal the infirmed' in the Newberry community and surrounding area.


Some ongoing programs include:

  • Collect food for Manna House
  • Collect used phones for Sister Care
  • Provide new socks for foster children
  • Supply boxes of basic supplies for needy children


Anyone interested in becoming a part of any of our Outreach-Social Ministries is encouraged to call 276-4568 or e-mail office@summerlutheran.org for more information.


Our ministries in doing for others helps make THE difference in own lives, in the lives of the congregation and in the community in which we live. "As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it for me."